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Monster Beats Turbine words

er of female in"dead of time, " of time seemed to beat one cold war, "the kid's mother remain an end one breath, beg her to keep for the orphan, can that be mama of just on breaking spirit, she stole thing from the corpse." "Did she sell out thing?"The Meng can take charge of urgently can not need a ground of Rang to get up, " did she sell?Sell where go to?When?Sell to who?The business in past how long?" "At that time, her fee very greatly and vigorously told me, she did this matter, " female manager said, "fall flop go to die." "Did not say again what?"The Meng can take charge of to depress an orotund Rang way as far as possible, but only make his voice listen to up more irascible."Tell a lie.I can't fall into trap.She still has Monster Beats Turbine words.Don't say words clearly, I will want two of you's old life." The action of eccentric in"another words she say together none, " is very wild, but the women obviously and the slightest don't sway(mutually form under, Sir Bang Bu Er bad far) as well, she says."However, her a hand dead dead holds tight my blouse and has no the whole Zuan at together.I see her dead, make an effort that hand bye open, discover holding one to break slip in her hand." "That last side has-" Meng could take charge of elongation neck and put 1. The answer of female in"nothing important, ", "is a pawn ticket." "When of what?"The Meng can take charge of to cross-examine a way. "When the time comes, I will tell yours, " women says, "I ponder her that runt put for a while, full think to can sell a big price, afterwards just sent into pawnshop, she made a deposit, or said Zan some money and paid for a year and a year to the pawnshop interest, in case is overdue.Really what is up use wear, can also pay ransom.Result what the matter also have no, and, I tell you, hold that in her hand lousy get the in a great mess slip Monster Diddy Beats died.There are still willing be getting more overdue for two days at that time, I wish perhaps which day also use wear, thing Shu come back." "At present thing's where?"The Meng can take charge postby:08bkzhang of to anxiously ask. "Here."The women answers.She the panic inside is nervous, a size just enough the bag letting go of the lambskin of a piece of French form throw on the table and seem to be too anxious to get away from its appearance.The Meng can take charge of fierce charge forward, the hands shiver to tear off bag.Pack a small gold box in bag, the inside contains two Liu hairs, a wedding ring of pure gold. "The ring back engraves' Etam Ni silk' a few words, " women says that"blank is stay to the surname, connect down that day to expect.That day bears at the kid of the year before.I just cleared up afterwards." " These?"Meng can take charge of to say, he is all careful to the things in the small bag but anxiously the check led. " These."The women answ




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